Monday, July 11, 2011

French Laundry is Still Laundry

I can't cook, but I love to eat. Imagine how wonderful it was to get gift certificates to French Laundry for Christmas. The restaurant's reputation for its cuisine is nearly matched by its reputation for how challenging it is to get a reservation. 

The fact that you need to book two-months out is in itself a challenge. Somehow you need to be dialed into your schedule pretty far to do something like that. I'm getting there, which is perhaps why I decided to give this task my attention. (It's only been nearly seven months since we received the gift.)

Next comes the research into exactly what tricks you need to pull off something so grand. One tip included logging onto Open Table at midnight when the 61st-day-out becomes available at French Laundry. Perhaps because 61-days out is a Friday or Saturday night, I'm sure I had some extra competition through cyberspace. I was deliriously watching my computer time change when I thought of all the other poor souls that were probably doing the same exact thing I was. 

Not only was I unsuccessful in getting the table last night, but I'm very tired today. My stupid dog ran off on me as I let him out to pee before going downstairs to sleep.

I have this feeling that getting reservations are going to feel like work. And what work don't I like to do? Laundry! You can see where I'm going with this, right? All I can say is that I hope the food is good. ;)

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