Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Bounty

I am totally pissing my day away. I had grand plans to clean like I would devour a donut and that's just not happening. I'm slowing going through my to-do list and accomplishing some very needed tasks, but this is what I'm working towards.

My bounty.

I read about sewists trying to work through their stash and I didn't really have a stash. Or so I thought. Next thing I knew, I had projects calling my name with a bounty of fabric to work with. 

The three fabrics from the left are a navy wool gabardine, patterned silk and green silk, from Denver - on sale. Next is a Japanese cotton from Satin Moon in San Francisco and some "fabric content unknown" from Fabrix, also in San Francisco. Whatever that black fabric is, it feels pretty cool. It's like a cotton blend of some sort and it feels great. I want to make a Colette Sencha blouse with it. The others were intended for skirts - the first three straight skirts and the flowers for a full skirt. 

In my hoarding defense, the Denver Fabric fabrics just arrived today and the other two were purchased on Wednesday when I went to Clement to have dinner with my husband. I call Burma Superstar my "new favorite restaurant." Try the Tea Leaf Salad when you go. And go early. 

I have three other fabrics that I would like to sew from, but more about that another time. If I don't sew now, I'm never going to get to it.

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